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Earn Gift Cards With Valued Opinions!

by Christie Bisbee on March 20, 2017

Looking for a way to earn some extra cash? Be sure to check out Valued Opinions! It’s a nice way to earn a little extra in your pajamas.

For every survey you complete you’ll get up to $5 and if you qualify for specialist surveys, Valued Opinions will pay you up to a whopping $50. Once you’ve collected enough to reach $20, you can exchange them for gift cards to places like Amazon, Macy’s and more. You’ll also be entered into a sweepstakes to win a $500 Amazon gift card.

It’s easy to get started, you’ll need to fill out a quick form and then confirm the e-mail they send in order to participate. That’s VERY important because you won’t start getting surveys until you confirm that e-mail. Once you confirm you’ll have your first survey there waiting for you!  Just click HERE and start earning. :)

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