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Balance Rewards Redemption Changes Coming In November!

by Christie- on September 28, 2018

balance reward pointsWalgreens is changing the Points Redemption Rules starting on November 4, 2018. We will be receiving an email with the details, but there is going to be a maximum redemption value of $5 (5,000 Balance Reward Points) per transaction, and $1 (1,000 Balance Reward Points) will still equal $1. This has been confirmed on their Face Book Page, which mentions a 5 tier structure. It looks like no changes are being made to earning points at this time.

If you have lots of points accumulated, you’ll still have a little over a  month to redeem those points with that maximum $50 value per transaction that is still in effect. And you’ll still get the benefit of the extra 20% bonus of using only 40,000 pts to get $50. So, if you are a point hoarder, like me, be sure to spend the majority of your points over the next month to get the biggest bang for your buck!



How to Use Your Points to Earn More Points!

by Christie- on August 15, 2018

balance reward pointsHere are some tips on earning points while using points at Walgreens :) . If the offer to earn points is to buy a QUANTITY of product, you can pay with points and you’ll still earn them. For example, if the offer is to earn $5 (5,000 Balance Reward Points) for buying two Product A’s then, here’s the deal…

Walgreens Deals (Sample)
Buy (2) Product A, $3.99 Sale Price
(2) $1/1 Product A Coupon
Pay with $5 (5,000 Balance Reward Points)
Total = $5.98, Get back 20 Everyday Points
+ $3 (3,000 Balance Reward Points) for buying two

If the offer is to earn points by reaching a THRESHOLD, then you can’t use points. HOWEVER, if you can make a large enough transaction you can earn points so long as the value of the points redemption still leaves the THRESHOLD required to earn the points after the points redemption is deducted. For example, you have to spend $20 worth of Product B in order to earn $5 (5,000 Balance Reward Points). If you buy $30 worth of product B, you can pay with $10 (10,000 Balance Reward Points) and still earn your $5.

The THRESHOLD amount can be covered by paying cash and/or Manufacturer coupons. It’s easier to accomplish this when it’s a points catalina or points clip2card coupon that you may have, because then you don’t have to stick to product B and go over that threshold for that one product. Here’s a transaction I picked up a couple of weeks ago with a points booster coupon. This is helpful because I only had to spend $8.10 out of pocket ($10.42 with tax) and still earned the threshold points even though I paid with 18,000 points.

Buy (2) Sally Hansen Gel Nail Color $9.99 B1G1 50% off Sale Price
Buy (1) Clairol Root Touch Up by Nice ‘n Easy, $8.29 B1G1 50% off Sale Price
Buy (1) Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color, $7.99 B1G1 50% off Sale Price
Buy (2) Rimmel Brow This Way Pomade or Shake Powder, $4.59 B1G1 50% off
Buy (2) Garnier Fructis Wondermask Treatment, $2.99 Reg. Price
$1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 12-12.5oz · Stylers or Treatments (5503), Walgreens, July [-$2]
Subtotal = $53.10
10,000 BR  points WYB $25+ Catalina – Printing for Some!
(4) $3/1 Sally Hansen miracle gel color product (NLA)
(1) $6.00 OFF TWO (2) boxes of Clairol Nice ‘n Easy or Natural Instincts Hair Color (NLA)
(2) $2/1 Rimmel London Eye Product, exp. 8/31/18 (SS 06/17/18)
(1) $3/2 Fructis on TWO (2) Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Style Product clip2card (NLA)
Total = $28.10
Paid with $20 (18,000 Balance Reward Points)
Total = $8.10, Get back 330 Everyday Points
+ $12 (6,000 Balance Reward Points for each set of 2 Sally Hansen)
+ $3 (3,000 Balance Reward Points) for buying two Rimmel
+ $10 (10,000 Balance Reward Points) for spending $25 with Catalina Coupon
$2/1 Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair color ibotta deposit
$2/1 Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root touch Up Permanent ibotta deposit
$1 bonus when you redeem two different Clairol offers

Here is the purchase summary from the transaction above. You can find your purchase summaries in the Product Purchase History. Click on the receipt number to open the details and summary which is above. Sometimes is  helpful to review these when something goes wrong with your transaction. If you can plan your transactions at home and then fill in the blanks for what the purchase summary will look like, you’ll be able to grab these spend points while earning points transactions more easily.purchase summary 1

You have to do these transactions very carefully, but it can be accomplished! Be sure to calculate the point redemption value at the Dollar amount and not the points. In other words 18,000 points is worth $20 so don’t make the mistake of subtracting $18 thinking you’re using 18,000 points. You must use the $20 value.

It’s not a good idea to add up the coupons to find you have $25 worth of coupons and then use points, since sometimes points can be used to pay for tax. This happens in my state but I’m not sure if it happens on other states.Here’s an example of where it did not work for me. So this incorrect transaction below I had $58.24 worth of items and redeemed $35 so you can see $23.24 is not enough for the $25 threshold.
purchase summary 2

So having high value coupons is essential in these kinds of deals but don’t just go by the total value of the coupons: ADD your total before taxes, THEN subtract your redemption value, and see how much you have left over. This left over amount should be equal to or greater than the threshold amount required. Ideally you would like to cover that “amount left over ” with as many manufacturer coupons as possible. Also, don’t forget to leave out the usual suspects like dairy, stamps, etc where points cannot be earned.

I have tried a couple of transactions where there is a threshold required for points to be earned for spending a certain amount of money on a particular BRAND, and I’ve been successful, but I’ve done only one such points deal requiring a threshold in the transaction, and they have been small ones. In this one below I grabbed this SUNDAY I bought $21.52 of Schick and $25.45 worth of something else. The total before taxes was $46.97, minus the $20 redemption, I had $26.97 left over after that {This amount was covered with $23 in coupons and $3.97 cash} I DID receive my $5 (5,000 Balance Reward Points) for spending $20 of Schick. I had a $10 WYB $25 Catalina that printed for me last Thursday. I have not tried something bigger like spending $50 on Baby items to earn $10. If the redemption value is applied to that section, it may be that those deal specific points would not generate, so for these proceed with caution.

walgreens sunday receipt-Walgreens Deals (Thru 8/18)
Buy (1) Schick Quattro You, $8.79 B1G1 50% off
Buy (2) Schick Xtreme Men’s 4ct, $8.49 B1G1 50%
Buy (1) Gillette G5 Razor, $6.99 Sale Price
Buy (1) Purell 8oz, $1.99 Sale Price
Buy (3) CoverGirl Easy Breezy Twin Pencils, $5.49 Reg. Price
Subtotal = $46.97
10,000 BR  points WYB $25+ Catalina–Printing for Some!
(2) $4/1 Schick Disp. Razor Pk excl 1 ct/Slim Twin 2&6 ct (NLA)
(1) $4/1 Schick Disp. Razor Pk excl 1 ct/ST 2&6 ct Clip2Card 
(3) $3/1 CoverGirl Eye (Ets & 1-kit shadows, accessories)
(1) $1/1 8 oz+ bottle of PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer
(1) $1/1 Gillette Gillette3 or 5 Razor, exp. 8/25 (P&G 7/29/18)
Paid with 18,000 Balance reward Points [-$20]

Total = $3.97, Get back 2600 10x Everyday points (VIA Clip2Card)
+ $5 (5,000 Balance Reward Points) for spending $20 on Schick
+ $10 (10,000 Balance Reward Points) for spending $25 with Catalina Booster Coupon
+ $8 RR CoverGirl

Now for this particular one I was due for my Beauty so I earned 22,600 [10,000 for Catalina + 5,000 for Schick + 5,000 for Beauty + 2600 10x Everyday] I paid ONLY $3.97 +  tax  out of pocket :) .



Well At Walgreens Cough Drops $1.59 for 200ct Bag!

by Christie- on January 23, 2015

Well At Walgreens Cough Drops $1.59 for 200ct Bag!The ad notes a sale on Well at Walgreens 200ct cough drops for B1G1 50% off. However, there is also a monthly deal for these to earn $2 (2,000 Balance Reward Points) when you buy two of these huge bags. To make things even better, there is a Walgreens Coupon good on these in the Answers at Walgreens: Cold & Flu booklet and another Walgreens Coupon in the Health & Wellness Guide. I found this one on the Cold & Flu endcap! The cough drops were $4.79 at my store, but it’s possible your prices will vary slightly. Put this all together, and you’ll pay less than a penny for each cough drop.

Health & Wellness 3wWalgreens Deals (thru 1/24)
Buy (2) Well at Walgreens Cough Drops, 200ct, $4.79 B1G1 50% off
Total = $7.18
(1) 50¢/1 Walgreens Cough Drops, 200 pk (2333), Answers at Walgreens: Cold & Flu [-$1]
(1) 50¢/1 Walgreens Cough Drops 200ct (2440), Health & Wellness Guide [-$1]
Total = $5.18, Get Back $2 (2,000 Balance Reward Points)
= $3.18 or $1.59 EACH!wags recpt2w

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First Aid Products 42¢ Each!

by Christie- on June 21, 2014

First Aid Products 42¢ EachThis week select Well at Walgreens First Aid products are B1G1 50% off, including the 32 oz Hydrogen Peroxide. The price of this is usually $1.69 or 2/$3, so this week the first one will be $1.50 and the second one 75¢. Also, this month buy two first aid items and get the Well At Walgreens Build Your Own First Aid Kit free. Some of these red bags are specially marked noting $10 worth of coupons inside. I bought this a couple of months ago with the coupons inside.

Take a look at the list in my previous post HERE. In this bag, there is a coupon for the 32 oz W Hydrogen Peroxide for 50¢ off. Since it’s a Walgreens Coupon, you only need one and it will take off 50¢ from each bottle. So I ended up paying $1 then 25¢ for the bottles + bag for free!

If you already grabbed this bag with the coupons inside, be sure to grab this Hydrogen Peroxide this week.

Walgreens Deals (thru 6/21)
Buy (2) Well at Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide, $2/3 B1G1 50% off
Buy (1) Well at Walgreens Built Your Own First Aid Kit, $4.99 or *FREE w/ 2 First Aid products purchase
Total = $2.25
(1) 50¢/1 Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%, 32 oz (2366) [-$1]
Total = $1.25 for all three things!

W First Aid


Suave on the BacheloretteCongrats to Amanda (achadwick22@)!

Get your date night on with Suave Professionals! Watch The Bachelorette Mondays at 8|7c on ABC to see tips on how to get the date night hair you desire from Suave. From naturally-infused moisture, to cleansed and conditioned hair, Suave Professional products work just as well as top salon brands. So head into Walgreens and look ready for that special night, every day with Suave.

Plus we have a nice sale on select Suave hair products this month at Walgreens. Select products are 25% off and you’ll get $1 (1,000 Walgreens Balance Rewards points) when you purchase two. And don’t forget about the Suave Professionals product coupon to make a great deal even better.

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Image 2In honor of Moms everywhere, Dove and Walgreens want to show the mothers in our lives something special. Go to the Walgreens Facebook page and create your customized photo for Mom! This is a great opportunity to create something special with those photos you took on Mother’s Day. 😉

Looking for other ideas for those Mother’s Day photos? We have an awesome deal at Walgreens on Dove® products! Purchase 2 participating Dove products and receive a promo code on your receipt to redeem a Free 8×10 collage print! (Offer valid with Balance Rewards card 4/27/14– 5/31/14.)

In addition, Dove® products are on sale buy 1 get one 50% off thru 5/31. To make it an even sweeter deal, be sure to check your May 5th RedPlum insert for several nice Dove® coupons you can use! I love the Dove Beauty Bars. They are great for my sensitive skin and are fragrance and preservative free. :)

Plus one lucky Wild for Wags reader will win a $50 gift card!

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Saturday, May 3rd is Free Comic Book Day!

by Christie Bisbee on May 2, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.24.35 PMThis Saturday May 3th, is FREE Comic Book Day! For years now comic book stores around the country offer a FREE comic book the first Saturday in May as a way to spread the word about reading and about comics.

One thing you may not know about me is that I really love comics and graphic novels! I have a fabulous family comic book store near me and I always look forward to FREE comic book day. It’s super to see young people excited about reading.

You’ll want to go HERE to see if any shops in your area are participating. You’ll be able to get at least one comic book totally FREE, no purchase necessary. There are comics that are appropriate for all ages, so really something for everyone. You can preview the books available (not every store will get every book) HERE.

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