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Heading to Disney with Little Ones? Check out Simple Stroller Rental!

by Christie Bisbee on January 26, 2019

DisneyI tested this product in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Calling all my Disney Moms! If you are planning a trip to Disney or any of the Orlando based amusement parks and need a stroller, consider renting a stroller from an off-site company. Although the amusement parks rent strollers, they are hard, expensive, uncomfortable and not suitable for infants.

I recently took a Disney trip and rented a stroller from Simple Stroller Rental. I needed a double stroller that would work for my almost 3 year old son (Oliver) and my 7 month old daughter (Scarlett). I was a little nervous because although she is sitting unassisted we had only used the travel system and not a regular stroller. There was no way I was taking my double stroller/travel system to Disney. It’s tandem, huge, cumbersome and not something I would want to lug thru the parks or try to stuff in my car.

Simple Stroller RentalSimple Stroller Rental was the perfect solution for us. They offer various strollers, including a variety of Bob, Joovy and Citi strollers. They even offer Ergo carriers to rent too. Renting the stroller on-line is super simple. You just put in your dates and times, select your stroller and accessories (like rain covers and snack trays), put in your contact and payment info and that’s it. Their prices are very affordable. I went with the Citi Mini GT Double Stroller and added the rain cover, because in Central Florida it can be beautiful one minute and pouring the next!

Simple Stroller RentalA representative from Simple Stroller Rental met me in the lobby of our resort when I checked in and gave me a brief tutorial of the stroller. It was super easy to fold and unfold (a must at Disney), had an easy parking break up towards the handle, two HUGE sun canopies and each seat could lay practically flat independent of the other. These were all features that really came in handy during our trip. Most importantly this stroller drove like a dream! I could easily maneuver it with one hand, even when I was wearing the baby.

I loved the fact that the baby or my toddler could take a nap with that huge sun canopy, while the other could take everything in. The baby did great with the 5 point buckle system and she loved being able to see everything while sitting right next to her brother. I also loved the easy fold of this stroller. My 10 year old step-son actually folded it up for me and put it in my trunk, that’s how easy it was!

The last day of our trip, pick up was just as easy. The representative from Simple Stroller sent a confirmation text that they were on their way, and called when they arrived at the lobby. It was sooooo easy! I am very happy with the whole experience with Simple Stroller Rental and I highly recommend their services to anyone needing a stroller for a Disney trip. Looking to learn more? Just go HERE to check them out or HERE to follow them on Facebook.


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