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FREE Credit Score + Credit Alerts – No Credit Card Required

by Christie Bisbee on August 22, 2018

With all the recent data breaches you really have to stay on top of your credit. Do it totally FREE with Credit Sesame. Yes, Credit Sesame is REALLY FREE, there is NO credit card required! It’s very simple, just enter your basic information at HERE. In just a few minutes you’ll have your free Credit Score. You’ll can track your credit score for free every month. Plus, you get alerts anytime something significant changes on your credit score – my favorite feature! You see how you are progressing and it will help you catch any mistakes and make sure no one is using your information.

Remember, your credit score is used by potential employers, by insurance companies, by banks, mortgage companies and many others to make decisions about you, so it’s important to know what your score is and to get it as high as possible.

The average score is about 675, where do you stand? You can see what your score is HERE.

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